The story of a singer songwriter who dropped out of high school at the age of 15 is one we’ve heard before. However, the stories that Christian Lee Hutson has to tell are not. 


Named after his cousin whom was accidentally killed as a child, Hutson had a head start on a life that reads like a work of fiction. Spending his formative years growing up in the Hotel California in Santa Monica with his father, a minor league baseball player, Hutson was never one for the norm. When he began touring as a teenager it was somewhat natural for him to turn his experience into song. He’s done just that.


After a chance interaction in Los Angeles, Hutson connected with the members of Dawes, where they quickly entered the studio together to begin work on Hutson’s next record to be released later this year.


Able to find the humor in loss and sadness, Hutson’s writing is delivered with a voice of experience. It’s a voice that’s heard through genre and one that’s able to truly involve the listener in each and every song.